C. Brito Construction Co., C.B. Utility Co., Inc.’s main office is located in Bristol, RI with various satellite offices located throughout Southern New England. 

C. Brito Construction Company was founded in the early 1950’s by Ceasar Brito and his son, Joseph M. Brito, Sr.  The company installed their first gas system, an eight-mile gas main project in Providence, RI, in 1954. C. Brito Construction Co., Inc. was incorporated in the state of Rhode Island in 1957.  In the 1960’s, they expanded into the construction of municipal sewer systems and water systems. In 1989, C.B. Utility Co., Inc. was created and incorporated in the state of Rhode Island to embrace the changes in the industry and to enable the company to expand their work to a more technical level with further focus on highly-challenging utility projects. 

The current President and CEO is Joseph M. Brito, Jr.