C. Brito Construction Co., Inc. and its affiliated company C.B. Utility Co., Inc. specialize in the construction of infrastructure systems including water and natural gas transmission lines, sewerage transmission and processing stations, storm drainage systems and site work.

A multi-generational company incorporated in the 1950’s, C. Brito Construction Co., Inc. and C.B Utility Co., Inc. has established itself as a recognized leader in the industry and the premier contractor for emergency utility work, unparalleled in the region for responding to catastrophic failures of utility systems. C. Brito Construction Co., Inc. / C.B. Utility Co., Inc. has the expertise, equipment and manpower to undertake challenges of all magnitudes in utility construction, while maintaining one of the best employee safety ratings in the industry.

Contact C. Brito Construction Co. / C.B. Utility Co., Inc. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week at (401) 639-1577.

Recent Projects

2015-12-19 Plymouth, MA

Plymouth Emergency Bypass

Complete bypass of 30” sewer force main with approximately 10-miles of 18” fused HDPE pipe, preserving historic . . .

2012-12-01 Middletown, RI

Esplanade Drainage Improvements

The Esplanade project involved construction of a riprap causeway, drilling & blasting of the seafloor and . . .

2011-08-01 Providence, RI

Combined Sewer Overflow Separation

C.B. Utility installed approximately 10,000 linear feet of PVC & reinforced concrete pipe and over 180 catch . . .

2011-03-01 Warwick, RI

Warwick Emergency Project - Cedar Swamp Road

Repair of a 48” RCP collapse and pumping station failure, shoring the site by driving steel sheeting and dewatering.

2009-04-01 Newport, RI

Long Wharf Force Main Repair Project

Complete bypass of 36” sewer force main with 37,000’ of 18” fused HDPE pipe, including tie-ins at 4 heavy-flow . . .

2007-09-01 Barrington, RI

Replacement of Sewer Force Main

Bypass of 7920’ of 24” PCCP sewer force main with 18” fused HDPE pipe and installation of a 24” DI with . . .

2007-08-21 Waterford, CT

Smith Cove Emergency Sewer Force Main Repair

Repair of a leaking 14” cast iron sewer force main located 45’ offshore under the Smith Cove tidal basin by . . .